Green Drive Initiative: Planting Futures with Every PHEV!

Outlander PHEV: Your Eco-Friendly Choice!

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    Join Our Green Drive Initiative – Help Plant Trees with Every PHEV Purchase!

    Vancouver Mitsubishi is proud to launch the "Green Drive Initiative" as a celebration for the International Earth Day on April 22nd, a campaign that reflects our commitment to a healthier planet. Your decision to drive an Outlander PHEV not only brings you a top-tier driving experience, more savings and great value, but also contributes significantly to reforestation efforts.

    Our Commitment:
    For Every Outlander PHEV Sold: We will plant 100 trees in BC
    For Every qualified Outlander PHEV Test Drive: We will plant 10 trees in BC

    Here's how you can be a part of this green revolution:

    Eco-Efficiency: The Outlander PHEV, with its advanced hybrid technology, is an eco-conscious choice, reducing emissions and saving fuel.
    Drive & Conserve: Experience the perfect balance of power and conservation, making a positive impact on the environment with every journey.
    Contribute to Reforestation: Your purchase helps in reforestation efforts, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier ecosystem.

    Visit Vancouver Mitsubishi this April. Not only will you be driving away in an eco-friendly vehicle, but you'll also be actively contributing to a greener future!